News: Mold Growth In Omaha - Council Bluffs

The Impact of Black Mold on Home Health and School and Business Environments in Omaha and Council Bluffs is Real


The Climate in Omaha, Nebraska is less conducive to mold growth inside the walls of homes and other structures, but a pin-hole leak in a pipe, or weeping basement walls or compromised roofs are all sources of mildew and mold growth can occur.  It doesn't take a lot of growth to generate enough airborne mold spores to create enough toxicity to impact the compromised immune systems of those staying at assisted living centers, or young children at home and at schools.

Your community in Ralston, or up north in Washington and Bennington or in the suburbs in Council Bluffs in Chautauqua are no exception. Wherever you live, residents in Papillion can benefit from a mold inspection, or those in Chalco might see an opportunity for improvement in their air quality after getting a professional test on the air in their home or business. Without the proper control of the building envelope or an unattended pipe collecting water in places you can't reach, whether you are in Offutt AFB, close to Bellevue, NB or all the way north in Fort Calhoun and Blair, NB you could, without knowing, be subject to the toxic effects of mold irritants.

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Does Your Home Have Toxic Mold?

Considering the time you spend in your home, or that your employees spend at work.  If you believe that the better air quality could improve health , provide your information below, and a Mold Expert from Pure Maintenance will contact you.

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