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From time to time an innovation comes along that drives down cost and improves desired outcomes at the same time.  Pure Maintenance Mold Removal - Omaha represents this innovation.  With our entrance into communities like Council Bluffs and La Vista Papillion to Bennington and Carter Lake.  Customers in this area for the first time I have our very effective and patented process available to them.


The dry fog technology was created in 2007, and the first foggers started working shortly thereafter in Utah. Recently that technology has been licensed across the country, with nearly every community within a drive of Pure Maintenance Mold Expert.  There are no well over 10,000 customers who can vouch for the improved health of occupants and the savings that they were able to enjoy as a result of their choice to use us.  Schools create a healthier environment as, do apartment buildings, prisons, and other corporate and government buildings.


We are now approved by the EPA and the FDA in all fifty states. We are members of the National Association of Mold Remediators and are certified and licensed to operate wherever we provide our services.


Whether you live in Pottawattamie County or have a place of business in Council Bluffs. Or live in  Sarpy County, and own rental properties in Douglas County in the greater Omaha, NB we have you covered. Give us a call, or schedule an appointment directly on our calendar, and a Pure Maintenance mold remediation professional will take care of you.

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Pure Maintenance Mold Removal - Omaha

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