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You have many options available to you for eliminating unsightly mold.  But fewer options for eliminating mold that lives behind your walls, and other "impossible areas" to mechanically remove mold 100%. This is where Pure Maintenance's patented two-step Dry Fog process outperforms other options.  Some mold toxins are small enough to pass through walls, which is why family members suffer from chronic sinus and inflamed asthma conditions. By the way, people are not the only ones who experience mold exposure illness - mold poisoning in dogs is common in untreated houses. Our solution envelopes every item and open space and fills every visible and hidden cavity in your home.  So leave your furniture and everything else in place, and like every other surface in your home, they too will benefit from our foggers creating an inhospitable environment for pathogens, mildews, and molds alike. Killing all health damaging micro-organisms.


If there is no significant water damage, the entire process doesn't take a week as it can with other solutions.  Instead, our non-toxic solution works in a few hours.  Mold and mildew are eliminated, and in the process, no sticky or wet residue is left. Undesirable, musty mildew odors along with any other smells such as cigarette smoke or other odors are eliminated as well.   What is left behind is a fresh, slightly vinegar-like smell that will go away within just a couple days.  No demolition to clean up, no wondering if you got it all, and no need to reconstruct.


Have Pure Maintenance do the Initial Assessment and Mold Air Test and minimize the time and your investment.   The bottom line is you will get the peace of mind that no surface that will go untreated.


The Army Corps of Engineers learned about the patented approach of Pure Maintenance Dry Fog and decided to conduct their own study.  You can read the results by clicking the button below.


To learn more, watch the video below, and the video on the About page.  And for any questions, we suggest you skip the back and forth and schedule a time that is convenient for you directly on our Calendar.  An initial assessment and estimate are free.  Just click the "Schedule an Appointment" button on the menu.  If you would like to talk with us first, fill out the form below, or call us at  402.281.3700.



Set up Your Free Mold Removal Initial Assessment and Free Estimate


Before determining the best solution for your unique situation, you will need to schedule an initial assessment with one of our Mold Experts. Whether you have visible water damage and black mold growth, or the distinct smell of mildew, fill out this form and a mold expert will give you a call to talk you through the process.


However if you or a family member or employees at your place of business are experiencing chronic health conditions that you suspect are due to mold, we recommend skipping the form, and instead, find a time on one of our Mold Expert's calendars by going to the menu on this page and clicking on "Schedule an Appointment."

    Good Deal Mold Removal Omaha Nebraska

    Eliminate Labor Cost

    Traditionally mold removal has meant hazardous and time-consuming work. Now with Dry Fog you can penetrate porous materials, killing mold deep into walls and other porous surfaces.

    Best price mold remediation Omaha Nebraska

    Save Your Money

    The Pure Maintenance Process is simultaneously simpler and more effective than your alternatives. It is the ultimate value, where you get more surface area cleansed, for less money.

    Effective and Fast Mold Removal - Omaha Nebraska

    Save Your Time

    Some are concerned about the inconvenience, others about the toxicity of the fog.  You need not worry about either. The typical customer is back to life-as-normal in just a few hours.


    Starting in Omaha we service Midtown and Midtown Crossing. Customer areas in downtown and neighborhoods close to downtown Omaha.  Leavenworth to the west and neighborhoods close to Creighton University and I480,  and all along the 75 such as the Conestega Community. Then moving north toward Florence, up towards Fort Calhoun. To the south we serve South Omaha, Caphart and the Offut Air Force Base, all the way down to Plattsmouth. Customers to the west use our services in Eklhorn including mold removal in Green Meadows, and pathogen removal in West Omaha and odour removal slightly south of there in Millard, NB, and Chalco, NB. Directly East we serve neighborhoods in Council Bluffs, IA


    If you are far from Omaha, including in farm communities, there is a good chance we can make it out further.  We visit and service customers as far as Fremont, NB and Blair, NB.  We also occasionally make trips to Lincoln, NE.  Anything closer than these locations in Iowa such as Avoca or Red Oak would also be within the area that we serve. We can either have a test kit sent to your home, then travel out to you after you have confirmed mold. Or we will refer you to one of our mold experts from another one of our nationwide locations.


    If you have a home in Washington County or a place in Sarpy County, Nebraska. You might commute to Douglas County for work. Perhaps you cross over to Iowa to Pottawattamie County, then our team will certainly be able to take care of your needs.  In certain instances, when you live far out and you see the value of Pure Maintenance we can have a mold test kit sent out to your house for the nominal cost of the third-party lab service. Once we have a better assessment and confidence in your mold situation, then we can schedule a trip out to your place, or we will make a recommendation for another Pure Maintenance Location that may be closer to you. Here, you can learn more about mold removal in Omaha.

    Mold Removal Testimonials

    I was so surprised at how fast they were able to take care of my mold problem. Was such a great choice going with this company.

    Devon J

    We are under contract for a home and we had PURE Maintenance do a mold sample of our place. The technician spent around 30 minutes inspecting the home for mold and allowed me to walk through with him while he explained things to me. He was very helpful and knowledgeable and took time to answer all of my many questions and concerns. I really love this company and will never use anyone else! After my husband and I had been sick for over a month with sinus infections and other mold symptoms, we decided to have our apartment tested for mold. Sure enough we had mold levels of 1600 in our apartment! (Normal at that time of year was 200-300). The test only took 5 minutes and conveniently fit into our busy schedule. Getting the mold treatment only took 5 hours and was done while my husband and I were both at work. It was so nice to come home to a house that smelled clean and fresh! Within days we noticed our symptoms going away. I would highly recommend this company and have already told several people about them. They are so affordable and the treatment is so quick and convenient!

    Rachelle M.

    My wife was really sick and we had her tested and she had toxic levels of mold and then we had our house tested and the mold counts were very high. This company understood how dire our situation was because my wife was so sick she started to become incapacitated so they moved the schedule up for us to treat the house earlier. They were kind helpful and answered all our questions. The first night my wife came back to the house she started to feel better. We couldn't be more happy with this company for refuting some of the false traditions in the mold industry and finding a real solution that works much better and longer and that is less expensive.

    Tyson B.


    Your Home Will Have Mold Growth At Some Point in its Life

    Wherever there is air, there will be mold.  But to multiply and emit toxins at a concentration that will noticeably affect your health, requires persistent moisture.  A slow roof leak or drip leak from your pipes behind your walls is nearly inevitable as homes and buildings wear out. Eventually, every building t will experience some mold growth.  A home in Carter Lake or a Business in Council Bluffs has basement walls with mold from hydrostatic pressure.  A business has a bathroom with a slow leak in Bellevue, NE, while another business has a pin-hole leak from a copper pipe in Aksaraben / Elmowood Park.  The Benson community would benefit from the improved air quality that dry fog complete abatement of mold and mildew will provide.  Whether you live in Chalco or Bennington, NE if you at minimum care about health, an air test is the place to start

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